EPA has agreed a partnership and collaboration with POLIS the network of European Cities and Regions networking for innovative transport solutions.
POLIS has been established 20 years ago, has about 70 members and supports its members in all aspects of transport. 

POLIS is structured in four pillars:

1. Traffic efficiency
2. Environment and health
3. Road safety
4. Economic and social aspects


EPA-POLIS Parking Workshop: September 20, 2012 in Helsinki, Finland

EPA POLIS Parking Workshop „How can we be better”
Helsinki, Finland 20th September 20, 2012 – Agenda
Parking as a tool to manage urban access and mobility, Peter Martens
POLIS Annual Conference 2011 Session 4 B.
Information and communication technologies applied to urban parking management in Lisbon
Tiago Farias, POLIS Annual Conference 2011, Session 4 B.
New Sofia Parking Policy, Lucia Ilieva, POLIS Annual Conference, Session 4 B.
Parking, mobility and retail: an uneasy relationship? 
Giuliano Mingardo, POLIS Annual Conference Session 4 B.
2011 POLIS Annual Conference, November 29-30, Brussles, Draft Programme 
EPA POLIS Parking workshop, 17th May 2011, Stuttgart, Germany, agenda
„Flow?Destination!” Paper by Polis working group 2009