ESPA Tanusítvány

European Standard Parking Award

In order to improve the image of parking in multi-storey car parks and to demonstrate quality the European Parking Association has instituted a European Standard for safety and customer friendliness in car parks. The Standard has been completely revised and updated by an international EPA task group in the year 2009/2010. It contains mandatory minimum conditions and a score sheet for:

  • lighting and reflective surfaces
  • vehicular entry/exit
  • parking areas
  • pedestrian routes
  • lifts
  • stairwells
  • security

maintenance and several other items. 

The European Standard Parking Award can be obtained by car parks that gain a required minimum of points on the check list. The check list is available at the Secretariat or can be downloaded below from this website.

The European Parking Association has delegated the judgement and presentation of the ESPA to the national parking associations. Thus operators who are interested in obtaining an ESPA for their object should contact their national association. The national associations are requested to order the plaquettes at the Secretariat and to inform the Secretariat about the names and adress of the awarded car park.

Plaquettes are made from acryl glass, measurements are 39,5 cm by 29,5 cm by 1 cm with four circular holes including four stainless steel mounting parts.

The price is 95,00 EUR a piece incl. shipping costs.